Apple releases Safari 3.2.1

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Apple releases Safari 3.2.1

Cupertino (CA) – Apple released what appears to be stability update for Safari 3.2 and an anti-phishing feature that was posted two weeks ago. Although first reports indicate that Safari 3.2.1 crashes less often than 3.2, especially when the anti-phishing feature is active, overall reliability is still below the competition. The fact that Apple provides no details about the update doesn’t help either.

“This update includes stability improvements and is recommended for all users.” – that is the information Apple was willing to share about the Safari 3.2.1 maintenance release. A list of security fixes in Safari 3.2.1 was removed by Apple from the security support document.

However, some users discovered that the fixes several problems found in Safari 3.2, most notably sudden crashes that mainly happen when users turn on the new anti-phishing feature. Some users still claim that the browser crashes more frequently when anti-phishing feature is used. We also got the impression that Safari 3.2.1 is more stable than the previous version.

On November 13, Apple released Safari 3.2, an update that finally brought anti-phishing technology to the browser and patched 11 security vulnerabilities, most of them critical. We considered the debut anti-phishing feature to be too broad and a necessary granularity in terms of configuration options. However, we would accept such a lack of features, if the anti-phishing tool would actually work. We found Safari’s anti-phishing mechanism not to be reliable enough to be used as a reliable defense against phishing attacks.

You can download Safari 3.2.1 for OS X using the built-in auto-update mechanism, by running the Apple Software Update tool in Windows or simply download it from Apple’s site.

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