Firefox mobile web browser scheduled for 2010
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Firefox mobile web browser scheduled for 2010

Chicago (IL) – Mitchell Baker, chairperson of the Mozilla Foundation, recently outlined the goals for Mozilla for the next two years. This list includes a somewhat surprising but long overdue product: Firefox for mobile devices code-named Fennec.

The post divides the proposals for Mozilla’s 2010 goals  into four main areas – deepen Mozilla’s role on the Internet, assume “leadership” in helping people control their data and making anonymous, aggregate “usage data” more of a public resource, increase Firefox market share and  focus on mobile devices.

By 2010, Baker said, there should be an “effective [Firefox] product in the mobile market”, which should “demonstrate that ‘mobile’ is part of one, unified, open web.”

Following Baker’s post, Mozilla explained on its developer blog that it has begun working on getting its upcoming TraceMonkey engine to run on ARM processors. First results of this work have been published on Vladimir Vukicevic’s blog. Users will be able to get a first-hand look at TraceMonkey for ARM in the next alpha release of Fennec, which is the code-name of Firefox Mobile.  

There was no information when Fennec will become available for download.