Ebay launches beta version of Adobe-powered desktop app
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Ebay launches beta version of Adobe-powered desktop app

Mark Raby

San Jose (CA) - Ebay announced today that it has launched a public beta version of Ebay Desktop, one of the first big commercial products to run on the Adobe AIR format.

Ebay Desktop allows users to track auctions, see bid histories, and save relevant information directly to and from a mini-app that runs in the background on a PC desktop.

It is notable because it builds on Adobe's AIR (Adobe Integrated Runtime) platform.  Formerly codenamed "Apollo", AIR specializes in allowing developers to use Web-based code to create seamless desktop application integration with the Internet.

Forrester Research analyst Ron Rogowski said AIR-powered applications "enable occasionally connected use, customized content view, and a branded experience that can act as a platform for closer relationships with customers."

Ebay Desktop has been in private beta since June 11.  Users can download the newly published public beta version at