5 free alternatives to merge PDFs

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We all deal with PDF documents. From e-books, manuals, invoices or bank statements, the digital world has demanded that you standardize a format and PDF has fulfilled its function well. However, for organizational reasons or to block access to certain content, one of the most recurring tasks is to merge multiple PDF documents into one, or split documents, very useful for extracting only certain pages. Meet our 5 free PDF merge app suggestions. There are lots of options that allow us to merge PDF files, some more practical than others, paid or free. Today we chose 5 free alternatives that allow, among other things, to merge PDFs.


For us, PDFelement is the best PDF merger tool on the market, at least for now. This merger tool can combine multiple PDF files in a certain order or in a single file. You can download this versatile software for free! If you don’t need to pay why do you have to pay?

How to?

You simply open the program, drag and place your PDF document into the program window.

The next step is to choose another PDF file (to be combined later).

Click the “Thumbnail” tab to display a mini overview and select “Insert Page”> “From PDF”.

You also have another option, namely editing or compressing a merged PDF. These are the 2 best steps to perfecting your combined PDF document. Or do you want to reduce the size of your document? You can do it all with PDFelement!

Here is another easy solution using PDFelement. It’s enough to learn from the screenshot. Step 1:

Step 2:

Easy! Right?


Hipdf is a very complete and free solution, not only to merge and split PDFs, but to make several types of conversion. It is able to convert, to and from PDF, supporting Word, PowerPoint, Excel, txt, images and ePub formats. Just open the Hipdf page and choose the operation, taking into account the formats you want to work with. Best of all is that you can do it online, from your browser, without the need to install any program. And of course, if you do not have Internet access, you can also install the desktop version that lets you do all the work offline.

PDFsam Basic

Free and open source software, PDFsam Basic is a tool that, in addition to the same elementary features as the previous ones, has a little more advanced options. Of these more advanced options, it allows adding an index to the generated PDF, correctly handling AcroForms (PDFs with forms) so that there are no field name conflicts when joining multiple PDFs, dividing PDFs by size or by markers, among others. It is available Windows, Mac and Linux.


PDF-Shuffler is a simple application, implemented in python-gtk, which allows you to reorder pages, remove, rotate, crop … and of course, merge and split PDFs. It is completely free and is available for Linux.

Debenu PDF Tools

A tool produced by the well-known Foxit Software, Debenu PDF Tools stands out for the speed in access to the actions, achieved by integration in the context menu in Windows Explorer. This allows you to trigger operations directly from Windows Explorer, which can greatly speed up the process. It allows editing several parameters of the PDF, like title, author, subject, among others, adding metadata, converting images, extracting text, among several other advanced features.

These are some suggestions that allow you to not only do the trivial tasks of combining and dividing PDFs, each in your own way, but also offering other features that may be of interest to you.

Do you use any tool to do this type of tasks with PDF documents? Which?