New Skype version for Linux now available
Software Brief

New Skype version for Linux now available

Rick C. Hodgin

England - Linux users receive a new beta release of Skype, now at version  It's available for immediate download on several distributions.  These include Ubuntu, Debian, Mepis, Xandros, fedora, SuSE, Mandriva and a generic version for other-distro compilation directly from source code.  Version 1.4 receives two new features.  Birthday calling and call forwarding.  Birthday calling basically lets you know from within Skype when someone's birthday comes up (so you can call them).  Second is a change to the fee schedule for call-forwarding.  Users will now only have to pay the standard per-minute rates to wherever the call destination is going.  And if they're on Skype then it's free.

You can visit Skype's download page or their screenshot page.