Top 11 Expert Tips to Write an Efficient College Essay

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When you are required to write an important piece of content that’s called a college essay or a personal statement, you can’t ignore its quality. It’s the essay that you have to submit along with your application to a college so that the selection committee members can correctly and quickly evaluate you.

A college gets thousands of applications and a lot of them have similar high scores. So, at times it becomes very difficult for the admission staff to decide whom to allow and whom to reject. Obviously, they can’t be biased or select randomly or using a lucky draw system. In this case, they need to do an evaluation of the student’s personality to take the most informed and unbiased decision. It can be done by reading an essay about them and then by a personal interview.

In short, you have to send a personal statement that tells about you rather than your scores and academic performance. And you should be as efficient as possible to get the attention of the professor so that they select you or call you for an interview.

But how to write an essay that best describes you? How to write your story that can convince the admission officer? What to include that show you as one of the most eligible students for the program applied?

To help you with these questions, we have compiled a list of the best tips given by experts. They will be very useful in writing an outstanding personal essay that an admission officer can’t ignore.

1. Start preparing early

Most of the articles describe this point as it’s one of the most important ones to follow if you want to be successful in writing an effective essay. You should start preparing and writing early if you want to get it done before time. This way, you get a lot of time to review and polish if you start and finish it early. Don’t procrastinate and don’t wait for the deadline or you will end up with a last-minute rush. Start preparing and writing early if you want to avoid stress later.

2. Write everything that comes to your mind

Ideas may come anytime and you can’t keep them in your memory. That’s why the best thing is to carry a diary and a pen all the time. Write down whatever thought or idea comes to your mind while preparing for your personal statement. As you would be thinking about it most of the time, you will recall many things as time passes. A handy material to record them will act as a very useful source of information when you actually start writing your essay.

3. Read successful personal essays

This is very important when you don’t know much about a personal essay. Read and understand what others have written in their essay, what was the key points and how the content was structured. Read more than one essay to have a deep understanding and use that knowledge to write yours uniquely. Also, seek inspiration using college essay writing service.

4. Write the truth and let them take a decision

According to experts and professors from different colleges, all they want to know is about your true personality, your experience, and your true potential. So be yourself and make sure to write only the most important things that you care. Don’t hesitate if the event or result is not brilliant. Write it down and let professors decide. Honesty works more than numbers and results.

5. Start with a nice story

Expert says that an engaging start of the essay will keep the reader interested and they will go further. Starting your essay with a story that represents some real event of your life will do magic. Chances will be increased that the professor finds it interesting and read your essay till end giving you positive remarks.

6. Describe the results and not the process

There will be many activities or events that have a deep impact on your development. It is recommended that while you write about it, write more about your observation, experience, and lessons you learned. Don’t go into too many details on how the event took place or what did you do in that activity. Don’t mention steps like a manual as it will cause the loss of interest.

7. Write in a normal conversational tone

Good writing is what comes as a natural flow and its very important for the effectiveness of a personal essay. Write your story in your own words and in your own style. Write it like you are telling it to someone. It’s the best way to show your true self with honesty. Remember that your true values are reflected in your natural writing and will play a big role in your selection. This is the factor that gives you an advantage over the others when they have the same academic scores as yours.

8. Express without fear and hesitation

While you write about yourself, you don’t have to write only the glorious things. If experience or lesson is learned from a negative event, you shouldn’t hesitate to write it. You are supposed to write those things that show your growth and that you are willing to learn more to improve your knowledge.

9. Be focused in your writings

Many students fail at this. They often derail from the topic and lose focus. The admission officer would lose interest if the text is moving away from the topic. This may happen especially when you are writing a detailed description of an event that is responsible for many changes in your life. So be careful and stay focused while you are writing about an important point in your life.

10. Read and edit

Even if you are a good writer, you can’t write everything perfectly at once. So, the first draft of your college essay should be checked multiple times at a gap of one or two days. You can consider taking help of a professional writer to write or edit your essay.

There are many companies providing writing, editing and proofreading services online. You can get a paid proofreading service to make your personal statement free from spelling and grammatical mistakes. Also, avoid plagiarism at all cost. Plagiarised content will bring immediate rejection and may also harm your reputation when caught.

11. Have others to read and comments

You may not be able to find issues with your essay even it’s clearly visible. But when you have others to read it, they will read with a different perspective. You may ask your friends or family members to have a look and provide comments, and make appropriate changes to your essay using them constructively.

We hope it will be easier for you to write an efficient personal essay with these tips.

Best of luck!