Maintaining Your Focus as you Create a New Vision

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It is normal to be overcome by feelings of self-doubt if you happen to own a business or occupy the role of a leader. If you are not cautious enough, these negative thoughts can kick you off your path to success. It is possible for you to fulfill your responsibilities as a leader by taking steps to deal with these feelings.

One outstanding characteristic of effective leaders is that they have the ability to create visions that are defined and exciting. You could call these visions a map that helps others find the right pathway to a particular goal and how best to achieve them. It is only on the foundation of strong visions that strategic plans, communications, and goals are initiated and implemented. People are spurred into discovering better ways of accomplishing feats. Your ability to get everyone to key into this organizational Vision means that work groups and teams in various departments will come together to fulfill that vision.

There must come a time when old visions have to be discarded, and a new organizational vision has to be created. Bringing a new vision to life and implementing it takes a lot of time. So much effort is required, especially during the planning stages. You need to make out the time to direct your focus at defining the new path while handling other issues. The level of stress that this creates could inhibit your ability to ensure that every team is motivated and inspired to reach their goals.

Being a proficient leader is not just about reading books and going for training. Leadership is a reflection of real experiences merged together with continuous practice. The battles and stresses of a leader may not easily be comprehended by others. There is so much to do, and change is constant. Getting other people to be productive is also one of the responsibilities.

Putting all of these into consideration defines how weighty the responsibility of leadership is. Sometimes, you could find yourself experiencing strong feelings of self-doubt. Sooner or later, you get to that point where you doubt your ability to keep going. You wonder if you may have made mistakes somewhere and somehow. If you do not take steps to build strong mindfulness, you may find yourself questioning your vision or direction. 

Why Leaders Doubt Themselves

Our brain, as humans, is designed in a way that ensures our safety. It is for this reason that negative info lingers more than positive info. Research shows that our brain gives more space to negative information.

If you find yourself in a physically threatening situation, this response is elicited and the signals produced can help you. However, negative thoughts have the ability to cause a good leader to have a flawed mindset. Keeping your thoughts balanced between the positive and negative can be achieved through a skill referred to as MINDFULNESS. This skill helps you make your thoughts work to your advantage. If you regularly are plagued with unproductive thoughts or distractions, mindfulness can help you end this cycle and maintain your focus on your goals.

Technology can Help You be Mindful

How exactly can a wide range of technologies help you maintain your focus? There are online applications that allow you to listen to songs that are mood based. These apps help you to focus on a particular component of the music tracks, which could be the rhythm, how harmonious it is,  or even the melody. This can help to boost your ability to be mindful. There are also gaining elements designed to improve mindfulness. According to studies, you can enhance your self-efficacy as well as the ability to be resilient through gaming. This also helps to promote cooperation. Remember how important cooperation is to align members of the organization with your vision.

The effectiveness of mindfulness

In 2012, it was revealed by a study that training oneself to be mindful can help to reduce amygdala activity. The amygdala is a stress responder found in the brain. Participants in the study continue to experience benefits, even with the study ended.

Scientific findings equip business leaders with the skill needed to stay focused and confident by giving them the tools to become more mindful.

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