Evolution of Snapchat

Evolution of Snapchat

After its launch in late 2011, Snapchat was merely a fleeting messaging service for the young generation. But it has now evolved to an attractive enterprise tool for global celebrities and some of the top brands worldwide. Moreover, Snap Inc, the company behind Snapchat, recently filed for an Initial Public Offering of $3 billion, which will slide the company on the New York Stock Exchange. And that is a major move for an application in just six years. It took Facebook and Twitter eight and seven years correspondingly, to reach the same level. Considering that, it is honest to say that Snapchat is all grown up. But what prompted the top companies to start investing both their time and money in this app?

With just 158 million users, which is much lower than Facebook, Snapchat steals the show as it is less time consuming to use. The company claims that their app is used on a daily basis by people from 18 to 34 years old, making it a widespread opening into the visionary world. A window that even brands like BuzzFeed, Mashable, The Economist, National Geography, Sky News and others are using. The main attraction of this app is the unique interface which brands connect to, which isn’t supported by Facebook or Instagram. For example, alongside geo-targeted filters, user can swipe through sponsored stories which arise their attention.

Snapchat has also begun to fiddle advertisements at the end of a Snapchat story, which is in favour of brands. Even if these ads might be disruptive to users, it is effective to the corresponding brands as it surely gets the consideration of users- it is a kind of absorbing marketing. Recently, Snapchat has strike a deal with BBC to splurge Planet Earth II to the app. An intelligent move that might breach the line between Netflix and Snapchat. One of the top organisations which make use of the freely available features of Snapchat is NFL, and it does touch the younger population. They used this app for video highlights, commentary and news for the Super Bowl 2017, as it was aired.

As per the Key Performance Indicator (KPI), Snapchat wins at getting the attention of users. While the engagement rate is of 27% on Instagram, it reaches 61% on Snapchat. This is a clear indicator of its appealing interface which grasps more value from a smaller group of users. Similarly, Aspers Casino Online’s responsive interface is the main reason why it has escalated to become the best online casino. Launched in 2017, Aspers Online Casino site quickly stole the hearts of many online players, thanks to its wide collection of games and excellent graphics.

Unlike other applications, Snap wants to become more than a simple app vendor. It wants to be the first move that empowers users into the camera-first world, that every brand has always been prepared for. After the appearance of Facebook Live, Twitter’s Periscope and Instagram’s stories, the camera aspect is becoming very important to consumers. Moreover, with technologies like Virtual Reality, the camera-first world is the latest trends. Snapchat stands out as it has always been a camera-first app. Launched directly into camera mode, this app allows uses to capture moments and instantly share their with their friends.