10 Tips to be Popular on Instagram  

Have you ever wondered why some Instagram users have so many followers? We offer ten tips to boost your popularity online.

1. Use the right hashtags

First of all, it's important to use the right hashtags. This does not mean that you have to align 15 for the same photo but you have to choose the hashtags that the Intagrammers are looking for. So check out the Instagram Tags site for inspiration.

2. Follow and you will be followed

It sounds very logical but lots of people forget about it. Take the time to find interesting Instagram users, follow them and react to their photos. Bet that your number of followers will increase too? Do you receive reactions to your photos? Do as much! For example, to tell a person that you like his picture, double click on it.

3. Be critical

There is no need to post pictures every day. Choose six quality photos per week instead of six photos per day. You are always judged on the quality of your last photo. Take the time to rework your photo and remove the disturbing elements. You can improve your photo with standard filters but also with another application.

4. Use other filters

Are you tired of standard Instagram filters? Install VSCO (iOS and Android) or Snapseed (iOS and Android). These apps are packed with good filters that add to your photo the little something you want.

5. Day light

A quality smartphone is obviously equipped with a good camera. It is better to try to photograph a maximum in the light of day. The quality of your photos will be better. If there is not enough light, instead of using the flash, stand nears a large window. A compact reflector screen also represents an excellent investment.

6. Add (geo) tags

After adding a caption and some hashtags, it is advisable to tag a place or another Instagrammer. This will increase your chances of being seen and of collecting additional likes or followers.

7. Always use the same style

Nobody likes a hodgepodge of all kinds of styles. Do you love portraits or have a soft spot for interior design? Make it your specialty. Also avoid the abuse of filters. Uniformity is popular.

8. Rework your videos

If you often post videos on Instagram, you should definitely try Replay (iOS) or KineMaster (Android). They allow you to edit your videos in the blink of an eye like a pro. Add photos, music or subtitles and download the final result on Instagram at lightning speed.

9. Check the statistics

Who are your most fanatic followers? Who do you follow but do not follow you? Who stopped following you? How many likes do you collect on average per photo? Thanks to Subscribers + for Instagram (iOS and Android), you will receive all kinds of statistics on your account.

10. Very many followers

You want to cheat a little? Try Real Followers (Android) or Follow4Follow (iOS). With these small tools, you will quickly and easily promote your Instagram account through purchased tokens.

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