Should you use Kismia to find your soulmate?

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Hi everyone, this is my second dating website review. I pick Kismia in order to understand what’s good and what’s bad there. I also ask 2 friends – Mike and Alice – to help me with it.

Hi everyone, this is my second dating website review. I pick Kismia in order to understand what’s good and what’s bad there. I also ask 2 friends – Mike and Alice – to help me with it.

Hopefully after reading my Kismia review you’ll be able to answer the questions like:

  • should I use Kismia to find my soulmate?
  • what’s good / what’s bad about this site?
  • where to look if you’re searching for serious relationship?

1. Mike, 32 years old, an entrepreneur

Meet Mike. He’s a successful entrepreneur who’s looking for a woman aged 25-35 years old to create a family and build serious relationship.

He had tried some famous dating websites, but wasn’t lucky. After the 33th attempt to meet the dream woman he stumbled upon Kismia and decided to give it a try.

2. Alice, 27 years old, an artist.

Meet Alice. Alice looks for a boyfriend for serious relationship. She was in a really unhealthy relationship for almost 3 years. But now she knows exactly what she wants.

Alice wants to meet a tall brunette aged 28-34 years old. Non-smoker, pet lover, rule-hater. Did I think of matching Mike and Alice? Yes, but Mike has a cat allergy.

They’ve been using Kismia for 4 months already and here’s what they think about it.

Mike: “Once I registered I instantly was involved in matching process. There is a “Dating” section where you can Like or Dislike your potential matches. It looks really common. Sometimes even primitive, because you need to evaluate someone by his or her photo at first. For me it’s not enough for a serious match”.

Alice: “There is this compatibility percentage. I like it because I can see how alike we really are. I usually use it to start a chat, just to find out what else do we have in common. It works really well. I met the guy with whom I had 72% of compatibility and later on we had a great date on the beach!”

Mike: “What I do really like about Kismia is its paid basis. I mean, I’ve tried lots of free dating website, but I’ve quitted it every time I’ve noticed a robot or a fake girl. It seems like Kismia has all the real people, or maybe I didn’t find any robot yet.”

Alice: “What I don’t really like is that you cannot chat for free or easily browse any profile you like until you subscribe to one of two plans: Premium or VIP. I can only chat with users by sending template messages or write free messages to Premium users. Whenever I go, it follows me… “Upgrade to Premium”, “Activate Premium”, it’s quite annoying…”.

Mike: “Emoji are now being considered as a second “language” for many people. I mean when you text someone you’re interested in, you’re likely to want to send a nice sticker just to add some fun, excitement or something. Kismia got the hang of it. I personally use their gifts, stickers and surprises to make women notice me faster and become more open”.

Alice: “I recommend Kismia to all my single friends as a trusted website with its pluses and minuses as the one delivers a real result. I had nearly 7 dates because of Kismia. Now I’m dating my current boyfriend who seems to be the real rule-hater. lol”

Mike: “As for the serious relationship? Well, I’m not sure that someone can tell you with 100% guarantee that you’re going to meet the love of your life there. People who found their soulmates are just luckies, fortunate souls… With a bit of persistence and interest I’m going to replicate their success, because Kismia has everything for this”.

Mike and Alice still use Kismia and while Alice highly recommends this site for finding a boyfriend, Mike has more skeptical point of view but still believes that it will work in the end.

Thanks guys for reading this review, hope you learn something new and now you can answer all the questions I listed in the top! Don’t forget to leave your comment below.


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