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What Is HDR All About? Know When You Must Try It And When To Ignore Using It!

HDR is an abbreviated form of High Dynamic Range imaging. It is basically old photography practice that is introduced recently. This is actually a method for adding more “dynamic range” to the photographs. Here, dynamic range is light to dark ratio in photograph. Rather than taking just one picture, HDR makes use of three photos that are taken at the different exposures.

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The Grey Areas of Driverless Cars

According to the United States Department of Transportation, over 90 percent of road accidents are caused by human error. Driverless cars are the proposed solution to take humans out of the equation and reduce accidents on the road.

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Recipes for families with small kids

When it comes to our precious little ones, we as parents do not wish to compromise on anything food being the area of biggest concern. This diet plan for toddlers (1- 3 years of age) will help you in decoding most of the questions that might cloud your mind and hearts. What food to feed?

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How Jewelry Evaluation Work

Many things factor into the value of a piece of jewelry, say the experts at Luxury Buyers. If you were to sell your diamonds to Luxury Buyers, they would look at a few different factors to determine what the jewelry was worth.

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Time for Botox

Do you live a busy lifestyle? Are you constantly overworked, underslept and have little to no time to look after the person that should matter

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