Woman sues Apple for $1 million over iPhone price cut
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Woman sues Apple for $1 million over iPhone price cut

Mark Raby

New York (NY) - A woman from Queens is filing a hefty lawsuit, claiming the price cut hurt her so much she deserves $1 million in damages.

Dongmei Li says Apple violated price discrimination laws with its significant price cut in less than three months after the product's debut.

The 8 GB iPhone launched in June at a price of around $600.  Just two months later Apple decided to lop off $200.  It also decided to nix a lower capacity, 4 GB model.

Apple extended an offer for a $100 credit to anyone who purchased the 8 GB phone at its additional price.  The company's return policy also allowed anyone who purchased it within 14 days before the price cut to get a full refund of the $200 difference.

Li says that is not enough, though.  She purchased the 4 GB model and thus did not receive any kind of refund or credit like those who bought the more expensive device.  According to the lawsuit she is now unable to resell the phone for the same kind of return as those who bought the iPhone after the price cut.

Li's suit also includes AT&T, the exclusive service provider of the iPhone.  Li claims the two-year contract requirement also constitutes unfair business practices.