AT&T announces availability of Wi-Fi Blackberry

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AT&T announces availability of Wi-Fi Blackberry

San Antonio (TX) – AT&T will begin offering the Wi-Fi equipped Blackberry 8820 to its customers tomorrow.

The new Blackberry will allow users not only to use the cellular connectivity but also Wi-Fi provided at a corporate campus, at home or a public hotspots. With the exception of Wi-Fi, the 8820 is identical to the regular 8800 and offers the same size, weight, processor, display, memory and battery.

AT&T will be selling the new smartphone for $300 with a 2-year service contract. And this is where Blackberrys typically get expensive and AT&T’s most recent service plan extras are more extensive and confusing than the options list of many luxury cars. The 900-minute basic cellphone service goes for $60, Internet service goes for an additional $30, corporate email access is priced at $45 and at $65 if you want to have email access when travelling in other countries. Push-to-talk lists for $10, satellite radio and MusicID for $13 and GPS navigation (which is already integrated and available in the 8820 by default) for another $10.

Alternatively, there is a myriad of packages, such as a unlimited data plan with or without Wi-Fi ($60 without Wi-Fi and $100 per month with Wi-Fi), plans with or without text messaging support as well as with or without tethering.

Add everything up and the available feature set for your Wi-Fi Blackberry, depending on your preferences, should cost somewhere in the range between $150 and $200 per month.