Plusmo dumps mobile widget portfolio on iPhone

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Plusmo dumps mobile widget portfolio on iPhone

San Jose (CA) – Mobile application specialist Plusmo announced today full support for Apple’s iPhone, bringing more than 20,000 mobile widgets to the device.

Plusmo is an online community for sharing and downloading mobile phone widgets, including everything from a Google news ticker to a Starbucks store locater.  Many widgets on the site are developed by individual users, with help from Plusmo’s slate of creation tools.

Plusmo has opened up a specific iPhone site, where users can browse and download widgets directly from their phone.

A vast list of over 20,000 widgets are now available for the iPhone, most of which Plusmo says were independently created.  The service was set up mainly because most cell phones have limited Internet capabilities.  Even with the much touted full Safari browser on the iPhone, however, some say normal Web surfing is still awkward.

Tech blogger Mike Elgan was quoted as saying, “Plusmo makes text- and photo-based content far more readable than the iPhone Safari browsers zoom-and-pan interface.”