Dell launches ultra-portable WWAN Latitude notebook

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Dell launches ultra-portable WWAN Latitude notebook

Round Rock (TX) – Dell expands its portfolio of compact Latitude notebooks with a the D420 model – the firm’s first light-weight model with a wireless broadband option and a Core Solo processor that enables a battery running time of more than seven hours.

Dell Latitude D420 (5 pictures)

Road warriors looking for a sleek notebook that offers mobility features above all have a new option with Dell’s Latitude D420. The new model expands Dell’s existing ultra-portable D410 (based on Pentium M processors) and the small X1 (based on the Intel Pentium M 733 ULV processor).

Starting at $1380 – about $330 more than a basic D410 and $210 more than a entry-level X1 – a naked D420 includes an Intel Core Solo U1300 processor (1.06 GHz), a 12.1″ WXGA LCD, 512MB DDR2-533 memory and a 60 GB hard drive. The standard configuration also includes a new feature called “Wi-Fi Catcher”, a switch that allows users to find wireless connections without turning the D420 on or booting the device up. The switch can also disable all wireless functions off.

What makes the D420 particularly interesting are features that are offered by Dell as options. For example, users can add a wireless broadband EVDO ($143) or HSDPA ($180) card. Then, there’s a biometric fingerprint sensor that brings added security to mobile computing. Battery time can be bumped to more than seven hours, according to Dell, with an optional 9-cell 68 WHr battery. Of course, this battery increases the weight of the notebook substantially, up to 3.56 pounds from the 3.0 pounds of the standard system with a 4-cell battery.

The D420 is available for order today. Dell said that it will add be offering dual-core processors in the 420 later this year. According to sources, Intel will be offering a Core Duo U2500 ULV processor, which will be clocked at 1.06 GHz.

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