Gateway announces ULV Core Solo processor notebook

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Gateway announces ULV Core Solo processor notebook

Irvine (CA) – Gateway returns to the ultra portable notebook segment with the E-100M model. The new device caters to users who consider an OQO portable too small and the common thin-and-light notebook too large. Gateway’s new system carries a new generation Intel ULV Core Solo U1300 mobile processor that has not been announced yet.

Wrapped in a three-pound, one-inch design, the E-100M offers basic computing features in a form factor that is not very common in Northern America, but may be found useful for users who are frequently working in tight spaces. What makes Gateway’s new notebook especially interesting is the availability of a next-generation Intel ULV Processor.

Gateway in fact may have jumped the gun on the ULV Core Solo U1300, which – according to industry sources – will be introduced on 16 April. The processor will replace the Pentium M 733 (1.1 GHz) in Intel’s mobile business platform line-up. The 65 nm U1300 with Yonah single-core will run at 1.06 GHz and will integrate a 533 MHz FSB and 2 MB L2 cache. The chip is rated at a thermal design power (TDP) of 5.5 watts, sources told TG Daily.

According to Gateway, an E-100M with a standard 3-cell battery will be able to run for about 150 minutes on one battery charge; optional 6-cell and 9-cell units will extend the running time 330 and 480 minutes, respectively.

Standard features of the notebook include a 12.1″ widescreen display with 1280×800 pixel resolution, 512 MB of DDR2 memory, a 40 GB hard drive and Wi-Fi capability. Pricing starts at $1400.