SlingPlayer Mobile coming to UIQ and Symbian

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SlingPlayer Mobile coming to UIQ and Symbian

Foster City (CA) – Sling Media announced that it has brought Slingplayer Mobile to UIQ and Symbian platforms, expanding on the current version that works with Windows Mobile devices.

The Slingbox allows users to connect their TV connections to the Internet, enabling them to watch live and recorded content through a broadband connection anywhere in the world.  

The mobile version of the software allows people with a Slingbox PC device and a mobile phone or Internet-connected PDA to watch and remotely control their own TV without needing to be connected to a computer.

UIQ is the platform used mainly by Sony Ericsson phones, and Symbian is common in Nokia smartphones.  Slingplayer Mobile does not require an additional monthly fee, but users must be active customers of the standard $30/month plan.