5 Star rehabs: What they do at the Holistic Sanctuary

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Information about The Holistic Sanctuary

It now seems that there is a new paradigm that is truly revolutionary for people who were being let down by the medical system. Right now, we are at the peak of the opioid crisis with relapse rates exceeding 90%. Under these circumstances the last thing one would expect to hear is: “A lifetime guarantee on our 90 day platinum package”.

Yet such is the confidence of The Holistic Sanctuary in its proprietary Pouyan system, that it actually guarantees recovery.

The Holistic Sanctuary was founded by Johnny “The Healer” Tabaie. He also developed the proprietary Pouyan healing protocol that is used to cure a range of addiction issues. Currently this can only be obtained at their facility in Mexico and nobody else in the world has the “code” for it. This is because Pouyan draws on multiple disciplines and is a true convergence of Advanced Alternative Healing and conventional medicine for life support. Doctors at the facility use strict medical screening to determine if a patient eligible to receive treatment.

A combination never seen before: Already, across the US there are several luxury rehab facilities. Across the border in Mexico, and as far afield as Thailand, South Africa and in Europe, Ibogaine treatment is now available for rehab and detox. However Johnny Tabaie had a different vision and created something distinct that has people talking. People from all over are flocking to Mexico to be treated by the exclusive Pouyan method at the 5 star facility in Baja California. (Read more about their luxury rehab here)

There are several reasons this is unique: Firstly, administering Ibogaine is not lawful in the US. Since there is risk associated with it, Johnny Tabaie does it lawfully in Mexico with a team of emergency medical room doctors. But it is how he does it that fascinates people: The detox and recovery takes place in a surreal environment. It is state of the art seafront resort, with a sea facing gym and jacuzzi. There is on-site hyperbaric oxygen therapy, yoga, reiki massage and a range of holistic treatments. Ever heard of “filling the void” after doing drugs? It is pretty hard to imagine anyone who cannot fill the void at such a surreal location, led by a team of people who offers interesting activities like quad biking, adventure fishing and a range of things that creates a new natural high.

It is not clear if the founder Johnny intended for this to go mainstream, but it is too late now because it has: It has evolved into an exclusive hangout where people who want their lives back pay a hefty sum to get the results they are after. People are literally piling in from everywhere and these days, you are lucky if Johnny has a slot in his diary.

Yet underneath all this is a very compassionate man who once had to fight to get his own life back. This is why even with such a hectic schedule, he tries his best to accommodate people in need. As one mother recently said: After losing her eldest son to drugs, her youngest son got cured from a vicious heroine addiction when Johnny Tabaie used the Pouyan method alongside Ibogaine. It really was their last hope and it worked.

There are many similar reviews and testimonials which sparked an interest in Mr. Tabaie and the Ibogaine treatments he administer. But this seems to be his consistent line when commenting: “After experiencing first-hand how ineffective and impersonal some treatments were, I developed a clear vision – and that is to offer the most powerful, holistic, natural, and effective healing methods”. He was not mincing his words either as he himself has made a dramatic comeback: “I knew that my own brain was damaged by years of alcohol abuse and prescription drugs. All the group meetings in the world was not going repair my damaged brain”.

At The Holistic Sanctuary, they do not believe in group meetings or the administration of toxic medicine. According to Johnny and his medical team, they developed a solution that can restore the brain to it’s pre-addiction state. They have taken brain scans from various patients as evidence, showing how the brain recovers following a 30 day treatment and detox with the Pouyan system.

We were not expecting to obtain a precise breakdown of how this secretive proprietary protocol works. But this came from their medical experts: “It has been documented that the adult brain is capable of neuroplasticity. This is the brain’s ability to repair itself through formulating new neurons. The propriety IV formulas we use, promote neuroplasticity by giving the brain all the vital amino acids for the brain, vitamins, minerals and micronutrients it needs to thrive and continue to heal itself from years of abuse”.

Whereas much of it is personalised depending on their analysis of the patient, some common elements seems to be a NON GMO diet, yoga and reiki massage. They also have an on-site oxygen chamber for hyperbaric oxygen therapy. The minimum stay is 2 weeks during which each patient receives at least 70 hours of therapy.


Everyone deserves a second chance in life. An opportunity to reset the clock and take your life back. Yes, when we consider relapse statistics, the system in the US seems hopeless. But other countries did not abandon their quest to find solutions. If you can find a medical facility with a clean track record, it may be time to consider your own suitability to get treated there. The affordability of luxury rehab centers is always a consideration, but the cost of not taking action might carry the highest price tag. Defying the odds amidst this crisis may well need to happen beyond US borders.

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