How to choose the right contact lenses

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When you decide to wear contact lens, you will come across several options. Similar to purchasing other medical products buying contact lenses should also be done with utmost caution and care.

Picking the correct contact lens is a choice you should make by consulting your eye specialist. The appropriate decision relies upon several factors, including your refractive error, the duration of contact lenses you wear, the tolerance level of your eyes, your desires and how legitimately you can think about your lens care.

The following tips will assist you to pick the right type of contact lens for you.

1. Make a choice based on your need

Daily wear contact lens: Daily wear contact lens must be taken out and cleaned each night and are supplanted on an appropriate schedule. The substitution time can differ broadly by brand and type, and this varies from 2 weeks to 3 months. Anesthesia contact lenses can be replaced once in 3 – 6 months based upon the type that you are using.

Extended wear: This sort of contact lenses is intended to be worn overnight. However, they should be expelled at least once a week for cleaning and sterilization. Some contact lenses enable high measures of oxygen to go through them and have been FDA affirmed for overnight use. Your eye specialist will assess how well your eyes can endure extended wear to decide whether it is suitable for you.

Disposable lenses: Daily dispensable lens get hurled after every use, so not much maintenance is required.

Toric contact lenses: This sort of lenses is utilized to address astigmatism, a medical condition in which vision is obscured as a result of a spherical shaped cornea or lenses inside the eye.

Colored lens: Hue contact lens can significantly change the shade of your eyes.

2. Factors to consider before choosing the contact lens

The frequency of wearing contact lens

Are you a person who wears contact lens occasionally, for a weekend outing or a wedding? Or if you are a person who wears them daily, then you need to be extra careful in picking one up. Most of the people wear soft contact lens, which can generally be worn easily, either occasionally or full time. A rigid gas penetrable lens can be worn on a daily basis by the individuals to be more safe and comfortable. Always trust reputed brands like Solotica contacts collections for better and safe vision.

The sharpness of your vision

The rigid gas penetrable contact lens may take some time for becoming acclimated to, initially. However, they regularly give more keen vision than a soft contact lens, particularly If you have astigmatism. In case if you choose soft contacts and are baffled with the clearness of your visual perception, think about changing to the gas penetrable lens.

Amount of care you can provide for lens care

If you like to keep away from the undertaking of cleaning and sanitizing your lenses every day, consider the daily dispensable lens. It is true that disposable lens has diminished the risk of severe eye infections, regular lens care is essential to keep your eyes safe when wearing contact lens.

The shade of the eyes

Colour contact lenses are capable of giving you another fresh look and can significantly change the look of your eyes. This unique soft contact lens can upgrade your eye shading or change it completely, regardless of whether you have dark eyes.