Intel unveils silicon management technology

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Intel unveils silicon management technology

Intel today provided a first look at its “Active Management Technology”, a new technology that will give IT managers a new level of manageability over their networked computers – even those that are unregistered, inoperable or turned off.

The technology is targeted to enable IT managers to remotely access every networked computing system, even systems that are powered down, the operating system has locked up or the hard drive has crashed. For IT managers, this greatly improved asset management technology could reduce system downtime, technical assistance visits and operational costs.

Intel Active Management Technology is integrated into “tamper-resistant hardware and firmware” to prevent intentional or inadvertent removal of inventory, remote control or virus- protection agents from the systems. The technology features an out-of-band link that is independent of the operating system, allowing IT managers to access a system even if the operating system is inoperative, Intel said.

The Active Management Technology is the latest in a set of products designed to aim at business end-users, including future security (codenamed LaGrande Technology or LT) and virtualization (codenamed Vanderpool Technology or VT) applications.