Amazon enters downloadable PC game industry
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Amazon enters downloadable PC game industry

Chicago (IL) - Online retailer has stepped into another online shopping segment - video game downloads. With the unveiling of its new downloadable PC game store today, more than 600 titles are immediately available.

Amazon said through its video game blog that all titles downloaded through its online game store will cost between $7 and $10. The company is offering, for the next week, three free full-version titles for those who choose to take a moment to browse the selections.

The 600+ game titles available for download, which will continue to grow overtime, can be tried out for a free 30-minute trial. A review of the games being showcased finds many of these to be casual gaming titles (i.e., ones which don't induce blood pumping adrenaline moments or that require you to save every five minutes).

In fact, a lot of these games look like the repackaged ones you see sitting in the bargain game bin at your local computer software store. Hardcore gamers might not be into these, instead preferring the more aggressive selection found at sites like Direct2Drive. Amazon will hopefully offer more titles like that those at some point to support a wider gaming audience.