Journalist says Steve Jobs has "no class"

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Journalist says Steve Jobs has "no class"

An aspiring journalist from Long Island accuses Steve Jobs of lacking class after the CEO tells her to “leave [Apple] alone.”

According to Gawker, LIU senior Chelsea Kate Isaacs e-mailed the venerable Jobs about a problem she had with Apple’s (notoriously) non-responsive PR department, who (unsurprisingly) ignored repeated queries about the use of iPads in academia.

“My friend just jokingly suggested I e-mail Steve Jobs,” Isaacs told Gawker.

“[So], I wrote him a long e-mail not expecting that he would get back to me.”

But Jobs did reply to the e-mail, with a terse statement which read: “Our goals do not include helping you get a good grade. Sorry.”

Of course, Isaacs was less than amused.

“I was a little surprised; it’s just so unprofessional…I was like, wow, Steve Jobs, I get it. You made Apple, you have a shit-load of money but you have no class.”

So, Issacs fired off a second e-mail refuting accusations that she had expected Apple to help her get a good grade.

“Forget about my individual situation; what about common courtesy, in general – if you get a message from a client or customer, as an employee, isn’t it your job to return the call?” she asked rhetorically.

“That’s what I always thought. But I guess that’s not one of your goals.”

An obviously annoyed Jobs concurred.

“Nope. We have over 300 million users and we can’t respond to their requests unless they involve a problem of some kind. Sorry…[and] please leave us alone.”

The snubbed Isaacs – who was left fuming – insisted that “under no circumstances” should an individual who runs a company speak to a customer that way.

“I’m just enraged and I want people to know this was done…[Yes, my] article can go on, but it just won’t be with the quote that I really needed. I probably won’t get an A, maybe I’ll get a B.”


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