World of Warcraft mouse pulses light and comes with Hot Pockets
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World of Warcraft mouse pulses light and comes with Hot Pockets

Humphrey Cheung

Anaheim (CA) – SteelSeries demoed its upcoming World of Warcraft mouse at this past weekend’s Blizzcon convention in Anaheim.  The rugged-looking, scaly, mouse has more than a dozen buttons and can pulse light in more than 16 million colors.  Hard-core WoW players can create macros of up to 160 characters for each button.  To ease macro creation, SteelSeries has included 130 predefined commands.

The macros aren’t actually stored in the mouse, but on the Windows computer.  Mac drivers should be available sometime in late Winter 2008.  Like other gaming mice, the WoW mouse has adjustable sensitivity from 800 to 3000 dots-per-inch and weights can be added to your preference (why gamers add weights is beyond me though).  And if you look closely enough, there's even a holder for Hot Pockets built in the base.

SteelSeries is aiming to launch this mouse next month, just in time for the Wrath of the Lich King expansion release.  The mouse is available on pre-order for $100.

$100 is definitely expensive for a mouse, but it might be worth it for the macro creation alone.  However, most World of Warcraft players I know use the keyboard more than the mouse.