Nintendo DS downloads coming to Wii

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Nintendo DS downloads coming to Wii

Redmond (WA) – Nintendo has announced that it will offer a new Wii Channel in May that will offer users the ability to download game demos directly to their DS, along with other features.

Planned for launch alongside the launch of the Wiiware download platform, the Nintendo Channel will also let users rate Wiiware games.

The “Wiiware” store, which was announced at E3 2007, will be home to games made exclusively for Nintendo’s digital download system. The Wii currently offers downloadable games from the “Virtual Console” store, which offers legacy console titles from Sega, Nintendo and others.

With the launch of Wiiware and the Nintendo Channel, the Wii’s digital download selection will be more on par with the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3.

According to Wired, the newly announced channel will also offer streaming video including game trailers, previews and developer interviews.