Nintendo adds to Wii safety with free "Remote Jacket"
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Nintendo adds to Wii safety with free "Remote Jacket"

Redmond (WA) - Nintendo has introduced a new product that slips over the Wii for users to have a better grip on it, and existing Wii owners can apply to get up to four for free.

The Wii Remote Jacket is a plastic cushion that slides onto the back of the Wii Remote.  Nintendo says this will help to keep a firm grip on the controller.  Previously, there had been reports of the included Remote Strap becoming dislodged during extreme game play, causing the controller to fly out of the user's hand.

Nintendo has redesigned the wrist strap twice but similar issues still arise every now and then.  "We're always looking for ways to improve our products and make sure everyone has a safe and fun experience," said Nintendo senior marketing VP George Harrison.

Existing Wii owners can request up to four Remote Jackets by going to or calling 1-866-431-8367.  The console's serial number is required to receive the accessory at no charge.