Xbox 360’s Lost Odyssey falls back to 2008

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Xbox 360's Lost Odyssey falls back to 2008

Redmond (WA) – Microsoft’s first-party RPG Lost Odyssey was originally part of the company’s touted holiday lineup, but now it won’t hit stores until next year.

Microsoft hyped Lost Odyssey as one of the main six or seven titles for the busy holiday release list during its E3 press conference in July.  Due to longer-than-expected production time, Microsoft announced the Japanese-developed title has been pushed back to February 2008 in the US.

The Xbox 360 will still have a solid list of games for Christmas.  However, Lost Odyssey was kind of crucial for the season because it is an RPG, a genre highly under-represented on the 360.  Blue Dragon, released late last month, and Eternal Sonata, which will be available next week, will now have to carry the Xbox 360 RPG label through Christmas alone.

The team on Lost Odyssey includes the producer and music composer from the epic Final Fantasy series.  The game will carry a suggested retail price of around $60.