Game execs avoiding the new E3
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Game execs avoiding the new E3

Santa Monica (CA) – Some game company executives are avoiding the new and slimmed down E3 gaming convention.  Citing high costs and not enough media exposure, companies like Tecmo are skipping out on this year’s E3 Media and Business Summit in Santa Monica.

The E3 game conventions in previous years were huge affairs at the Los Angeles Convention Center with some game companies spending more than a million dollars on booths, booth babes and food.  This year’s convention is much smaller and open only to a few dozen game companies and a small number of journalists.

In an interview with Gamespot , Tecmo vice president John Inada said that the new show management was confused and “didn’t seem to know what they were doing.”  He added that his company didn’t have money to “waste on an experimental project”, referring to the untested nature of the new convention.