Jack Thompson faces Florida bar over questionable conduct

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Jack Thompson faces Florida bar over questionable conduct

Tallahassee (FL) – The colorful, outspoken lawyer/activist Jack Thompson, well known for his lawsuits against the companies behind violent video games, is finding himself on the other side of the courtroom, facing allegations of unprofessional conduct and disobeying a judge’s order.

Depending on the outcome of the legal proceedings, the myriad claims against Thompson could hurt his future legal career. The 40-page complaint filed by the Florida Bar accuses him of a total of five cases of violations of professional conduct.

On the list are out-of-court statements made by Thompson on more than one occasion, as well as derrogatory remarks he made about the lawyers that represent Howard Stern and video game publisher Take-Two, in addition to a judge in one of his cases.

Also, in the November 2005 case over the death of two police officers, a circuit court judge ordered Thompson not to send him specific letters of e-mails, which the Bar claims Thompson violated more than 30 times.

The official move from the state organization, which will be handled by Florida’s Supreme Court, could lead to the revoking of Thompson’s license to practice law, a temporary suspension, or at least a warning on his record.

In response, Thompson has “filed a motion to stay any disciplinary action in the case and a motion for mediation.”