Burger King Xbox games sell over two million

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Burger King Xbox games sell over two million

Warwickshire (UK) – The hottest new video game character in town seems to be “the King”, as developer Blitz Games has announced that more than two million copies of the Burger King Xbox games have been sold in the US in only four weeks, reports GamesIndustry.biz.

The games, Big Bumpin, Sneak King, and Pocketbike Racer, were made available at the end of November, and can be bought for $4 each (or in some locations $10 for all three) with any meal purchase at Burger King. The games are playable on both the original Xbox and Xbox 360 and feature such recognizable characters as The King, Subservient Chicken, and a man in a Whopper costume.

Clearly, the inexpensive price is the leading force in the high level of sales. Other Xbox 360 titles sell for $50 – $60 and most have not even reached the one million mark. However, the novelty of a branded series of games as well as the limited edition status, has also helped to push sales into the double platinum level.

“We created the Burger King Xbox games as a unique form of all-family interactive entertainment, and we’re thrilled with the response thus far,” said marketing president at BK Russ Klein.

The games are developed by UK-based Blitz Games, one of the top independent game makers, as the name behind such titles as Fuzion Frenzy, Pac-Man World 3, and the latest Karaoke Revolution.

The move is an example of Microsoft’s big push to market the Xbox brand to casual gamers, after nearly exhausting the true hardcore crowd. The promotion with Burger King has actually turned out to be an unexpected large part of the holiday marketing for Xbox.