Condemned: Criminal Origins for the PC goes gold

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Condemned: Criminal Origins for the PC goes gold

Sega has shipped the PC version of their bloody serial-killer hunting game Condemned: Criminal Origins to retailers. The game, which originally was offered only for the Xbox 360, pits the player as an FBI agent against serial killers. Set in first person perspective, the player has to investigate crime scenes and get into brutal combat, using both firearms and environmental objects like pipes and fire axes.

Players take on the role of Ethan Thomas, an FBI agent with the agency’s Serial Crimes Unit. Thomas must track down serials, but is also framed for two murders he did not commit. The game’s gloomy atmosphere has the player walk down creepy hallways to fight criminals or usually hiding in shadows. As one may expect, the game is rated “M” for Mature by the Entertainment Software Review Board.

While the player has access to traditional firearms, some may be more satisfied with engaging in melee combat with the various blunt and edged weapons in the game. Players can pick up pipes, two-by-fours, rusted rebars and even signposts. However, those with edgier tastes can use fire axes and paper cutter blades.

PC owners can order Condemned: Criminal Origins for around $40.