New version of Morpheus file-sharing client available

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New version of Morpheus file-sharing client available

After three years in development by a group of computer scientists, and coming on the heels of its recent 9th Circuit Appellate Court victory, StreamCast Networks today released the latest version of its peer-to-peer file-sharing and search application.

Morpheus 4.5 comes with a new technology the company calls NEOnet which can deliver “reliable search results and file accuracy available in today’s peer-to-peer universe,” Streamcast said.

According to the company, Morpheus 4.5 will allow users to
create their own ad-hoc file-sharing network, the Neo Network, in addition to being able to search other existing file sharing networks including Gnutella, eDonkey and FastTrack. As the other networks, the Neo Network is decentralized, meaning that all of the
computer “nodes” on the network function individually, without the need for any central server or hub. Computers within the Neo Network communicate directly with each other.

The software is available as adware an can be downloaded here. Streamcast also offers a commercial version for $20.