Microsoft showcases BattleBot with .Net software

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Microsoft showcases BattleBot with .Net software

Microsoft has been talking about bringing its Windows CE platform into the automotive world for quite a while now, but having .Net-based applications running in a BattleBot still is something unique. The company demonstrated “Finalizer”, a “smart” BattleBot that uses software to allow wireless communication between the Bot and a PC.

BattleBots are radio controlled mini-tanks that are best known for their to-the-death duels on cable TV. As tough, remote-controlled robots armed with lethal saws, pulverizers or spears, they are built with the purpose to destroy an opposing BattleBot.

According to Microsoft, the Finalizer integrates a PDA on board that communicates with a PC over a Wi-Fi network. The PDA carries a pre-release version of the .NET Compact Framework 2.0. Microsoft did not point out any specific battle advantages of integrating .Net besides the fact that software programming could be done quicker than for other robots.

From the view of a geek, it may be interesting to know that the bot could be controlled via IP commands. However it was unclear, if this method is any faster than the traditional remote controlled version. As most geek stuff, also Microsoft’s bot isn’t quite what you may call cheap. A typical BattleBot runs for about $10,000, The Finalizer swallowed about $28,000, Microsoft said. (THG)