Sims 2 content "worse than Hot Coffee" – activist says

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Sims 2 content "worse than Hot Coffee" - activist says

How do you like your hot coffee? If you’re Jack Thompson, you like it scalding game publisher’s laps. The Miami attorney and anti-gaming activist has done his share to see that games do not fall into the wrong hands – and lately, those hands have belonged to almost everyone.

Thompson was among those who spearheaded the recent effort to slap an “Adults Only” rating on Rockstar Games’ Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, and he’s often been on the forefront of many other gaming issues, several of which have targeted the crime-spree GTA franchise. In the past, he has represented defendants who have been the victims of GTA-inspired crimes, including a triple homicide of three police officers by an 18-year-old boy in Alabama.

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