Consumer Electronics Show 2007
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Consumer Electronics Show 2007

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Consumer Electronics Show 2007

Las Vegas, NV   January 8-10

Consumer Electronics Show 2007
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HD DVD slams Blu-ray, talks innovation
The HD DVD conference wrapped up a long day of major press events. Talk about the next-generation HD DVD software and hardware, along with carefully worded attacks against Blu-ray, comprised the hour-long event.   Read more ... 

Big announcements

HD DVD versus Blu-ray - The porn industry says HD DVD

Warner announces HD DVD - Blu-ray combo disc

Eat this, Quad FX: Here's an 8-core desktop!

Westinghouse shows off the Quad HDTV

LG to roll out dual-format Blu-ray/HD DVD player in Q1

200 GB Blu-ray discs, 16.5 GB Mini discs in the works

Hitachi touts HDD/DVD hybrid camcorder and a $2500 50" LCD

OQO releases model 02 UMPC

Battle of the 108-inchers

Samsung launches UMPC with flash hard drive

Hitachi announces 1 TB hard drive


CES 2007 Preview Gallery

CES 2007 Unveiled

Solid-State Drives And a Hard Drive Crusher

Intel answers AMD with an 8-core desktop computer

Westinghouse's Quad HDTV

Shuttle Goes Big With a Tower Computer

Roadmaster booth

Hitachi Press Conference

OQO Model 02

Bill Gates unleashes Windows Home Server

Dell Intros Ceramic Cooling and a "UltraSharp" 27" Monitor

One Laptop Per Child (OLPC) prototypes appear at CES

The $15,000 Gaming Chair and Other Gear from CES 2007

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Consumer Electronics Show 2007