“Taki taki” debutes on the USA Top 40 Music Chart

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This week’s top 40 songs in the USA – based on YouTube views – between the period of 12/10/2018 to 18/10/2018 brought some expected, some unexpected and some downright bizarre rankings in the views served to you by Popnable.

Coming in at number 40, and up 4 positions from last week we have ‘I’m the one’ by Lil Wayne, Chance The Rapper, Justin Bieber, Dj Khaled & Quavo – a favorite from 2018 with a huge 77 weeks in the top 40 with 5.8 million views in the previous week. The entry has gained the top 10 times in 2017. But that’s nothing compared to the Shawn Mendes & Zedd’ ‘Lost In Japan’ at 39 with a ridiculous 147 places climbed in the last week, slotting itself into the top 40 with an unexpected 5.9 million views – that’s one eager fan running the song on repeat – we think anyway.

Moving up the pack we see a new entry from Steve Aoki and Nicky Jam with Jaleo at the #37 spot, sandwiched between Dj Khaled’s ‘No Brainer’ and ‘Lovely’ by Billie Eilish and Khalid. All three reporting a 6 million view count for the week.

Machine Gun Kelly moves down a whopping 16 places to #33 with ‘Rap Devil’ for his 6th week in the chart. The song has been watched 6.9 million times.

It’s up 4 (amazingly) for The Chainsmokers and their huge ‘Don’t Let Me Down’ with an insane 125 weeks in the charts. With 1.1bn views total, we’re sure that they’ll remain in the chart for some serious time to come.

“Havana” dominates on the top for 14 total weeks

Camila Cabello & Young Thug are up 14 places to number 24 with ‘Havana’. The entry reaches 7.6 million views during the week. We’re expecting another huge increase next week, so keep posted!

“If I’m Lyin, I’m Flyin” by Kodak Black hit his peak, No.21, this week with 8.1 million views with only 3 weeks in the chart as of current.

Moving into the top 20 we have Juice Wrld with ‘Lucid Dreams’ sporting 11.9 million views with a total of 23 weeks in the chart. He’s followed by Xxxtentacion with ‘Sad’ that’s down 4.

The most recent single by Lady Gaga, ‘Shallow” grabs the number 8 spot with the due reaching 16.7 million views in the last week. ‘Shallow” achieves a peak, after No.9 in the previous week.

#9 belongs to The Chainsmokers and Coldplay with ‘Something Just Like This’, marking 86 weeks in the chart and topping 14.1 million views. #7 comes from Xxxtentacion and ‘Moonlight!’ with just 2 weeks in the chart and #6 is captured by Tyga & Offset with ‘Taste’ down 1. #5 comes from J. Balvin & Cardi B & Bad Bunny with ‘I like it’.

“Venom” by Eminem climbs fastly

Onto the top 3 and we’ve got Eminem with ‘Venom’ boasting the spot as a new entry from the motion picture of the same name. He’s claiming a huge 44.2 million views this week in the year that he seems to be clawing at a comeback. He noted a growth with 20 million views comparing with the previous week.

Onto the big ones and #2 is the entry from Cardi B, ‘Girls Like You’, collaboration with Maroon 5, topping a huge 51 million views in the space of the week. But it’s beaten, and not by a small margin with 67.1 million views, by Cardi.B & Ozuna, Dj Snake and Selena Gomez with ‘Taki Taki’. The song debutes on the top and claim to be an international exclusive hit in future.