Gaming Tendencies for 2017

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2016 is finally in the rear-view-mirror and we can make outlandish predictions for 2017.

2016 is finally in the rear-view-mirror and we can make outlandish predictions for 2017. After providing you with Top Digital Entertainment Trends that Shook 2016, here are the gaming happenings that appear to be predestined to occur in 2017. While nothing is certain these three phenomena should be on your radar.

Poker Night

Casino Gaming

Casinos are front and centre in terms of innovation for AR, VR and mobile gaming. Most of the big sites are offering traditional casino games with a twist, such as blackjack with live dealers or VR gaming lounges, but it’s what they’ve done to the humble slot machine that is most impressive and captures the attention of gamers. Slots have been transformed into fully immersive games featuring custom animation, mini-games and a storyline based on a huge range of themes from your favourite band to your preferred movie franchise. With so many casino sites and game developers, it’s worth conducting a little research to find the most suitable one for each player’s needs and for slots fans there are reviews of the best sites that accept Canadian dollars here. Expect to see big things from online and mobile casinos as they try to corner the market with modernizations of classic casino games.

Augmented Reality

AR Gaming

Expect to see a few clones of the massive Pokémon Go as developers cross their fingers and pray that they can produce something as ingenious and captivating. There will likely be a huge amount of drivel out there, which might attract a niche market, but a killer Augmented Reality (AR) app will also emerge.

The key for developers is to create something that challenges gamers to complete a fulfilling task that fits into their lifestyle without having to deviate too far from their regular haunts. Although there have been bold declarations that AR is the future of gaming and that Virtual Reality (VR) will always be nothing but promise, these assumptions are largely based on the success of Pokémon Go. AR titles should continue to capture the attention of sporadic gamers by being both practical and entertaining.

Breakfast with Ebbe [at Rico's teahouse]

VR Gaming

Price and gaming experiences will determine if this is the year that VR finally becomes a thing, but there is a considerable investment. 2016 was mainly a year of not quite for VR, with the equipment often underwhelming, the price excessive and the content promising, but always just a partial game or distinctly lacking. All the major players will once again display their wares and now is the time for potential to become, for want of a better word, reality. It’s been a difficult process and one of the major stumbling blocks has been our feeble bodies, as we are unable to remain in the VR world for too long or our eyes pop out and our necks break with the weight of the headset, probably! Therefore expect to see titles in 2017 that are quick experiences you dive into for short periods again and again, rather than mammoth immersive and time-consuming storylines that make you lose your job and significant other.

So you might think these 3 things certainties as they are already arising, but that they will dominate the gaming industry as overwhelmingly as predicted is far from guaranteed. Not mentioned here is mobile gaming, which will undeniably continue to be massive and eSports which also seems to have an assured ascent in 2017. Predictions are a fool’s game, but AR, VR and casino gaming are worth monitoring and will probably merit investing your time and money in before 2017 is over.


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