Why is it worth it to play Final Fantasy XIV?

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Final Fantasy XIV has a very distinctive visual appeal to it. This is one of those games that a lot of people want to play again and again. Not because it’s simple, but because it has a ton of content, great gameplay and it’s just a pleasure to enjoy. Among many other features, as you might imagine.

Beautiful game world

The Final Fantasy XIV world is amazing. It has variety, great visual appeal and the best part is that the weather changes and that adds a lot more character to the entire experience. You will love how impressive and unique the game really is. And at the same time it always pushes the boundaries and encourages you to try out more and just enjoy the process.

Making money

There are always going to be challenges as you try to play a game. But in Final Fantasy XIV you can actually make a lot of money by farming and then selling game resources and FFXIV Gil. It’s very time-consuming, true, but being able to monetize your free time is something that you should totally check out. This is something cool, exciting and just a pleasure to have again and again.

Great character creator

We’re not joking, in Final Fantasy XIV you can create just about any kind of character you want. If you’re a creative person and want to come up with some cool ideas for your character, the creator will be great for you. It’s fun, distinctive and it encourages you to push the boundaries and come up with great ideas.

Friendly community

They did have some bad community members at times, but nowadays those persons left and what you have is a very helpful and friendly community. Which is great, because the game is a lot of fun and it ends up being even better with friends. That’s what you really want to have, and with Final Fantasy XIV you finally get to have all of that and so much more in a very creative and distinctive package you do not want to miss.

Seasonal events

In order to keep the game fresh, Final Fantasy XIV has a wide range of seasonal events. These are coming with great game modes and creative ideas. But the best part is that you can acquire time-limited cosmetics that you just can’t find anywhere else. You can trade them afterwards if you want, but you can rest assured that every event is new, fun and different.

We found Final Fantasy XIV to be a very creative, unique game. It’s unlike many other games out there just because it’s all about visuals, quality, and value. If you are very focused on getting an amazing experience in a game, Final Fantasy XIV definitely delivers. It’s something very different, but also quite creative and exciting at the same time. You will love this game especially if you’re a fan of this art style. As for the gameplay itself, it’s very good, easy to get into but hard to master. Which translates into many hours of play!