How Much Money Can You Make if You Become a Pro E-Sports Player?

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E-sports are getting increasingly popular, which is making this business more and more profitable and you can get in on the action by becoming a professional gamer.

According to Forbes, the highest-paid athlete at the moment is Floyd Mayweather. The boxer is reportedly worth over 550 million dollars, a fact that has expired many youngsters from all over the world to try themselves in this sport.

But, you need to make big sacrifices in order to get to a pro level of boxing or in fact any other conventional sport. Not to mention that you need a lot of luck, because the competition is huge and one bad day in the ring can put an end to your career. There are more than 20,000 professional boxers out there, so maybe it’s better to switch focus to a sport where the competition isn’t that fierce.

E-sports might be your best solution. The thing with e-sports is that you can pick your favorite game, have fun, and make a lot of money. And to do that, you don’t need to make big investments. Sure, you need a fast and powerful computer, but that’s basically it. And if you get really good at a certain video game and become a pro, you can expect to get yourself a salary of over 60,000 dollars per year. But, if you become the best at your game, your salary will be counted in millions!

How Professional Gamers Make Money?

E-sports have become a pretty profitable business lately, with tournaments having prize pools of several million. Winning a single game on an e-sports tournament can bring you and your team a six-figure prize. But, taking a part in e-sports tournaments is not the only method through which professional gamers make money. Here are a few other ways they do it:

Regular monthly salaries – There are some big-name sports clubs that have made e-sports a part of the organization. Schalke 04, for example, a club famous for its soccer team, which infamously lost to Manchester City 7:0 a few weeks ago, has a professional e-sport team, And Schalke e-sport players have full-time contracts, same as other athletes, soccer players included.

YouTube – Many popular YouTubers have become famous when their gaming videos became viral. As a result, a number of professional games decided to follow their example. Today, many of them stream their game sessions on YouTube, where they generate money from ads or on streaming sites like Twitch, where they get money from paid subscriptions.

Sponsors – The popularity of e-sports is rising all the time. And many big companies have realized this, which is why they’ve started offering sponsorship deals to pro gamers. We’re talking about companies like Red Bull, BenQ, Audi, and so on.

Most Profitable Games

Although there are many games you can play professionally, not all of them are equally profitable. Here are some with the best salaries for professional e-sports players:

Dota 2 – This is the most profitable game, with the highest-earning player being Kuro Takhasomi who’s earned nearly 4 million dollars last year.

LoL – The highest paid League of Legends player at the moment is Lee ‘Faker’ Sang Hyeok who’s earned nearly a million dollars, but there are many players breathing by his neck. Playing this game can bright you big profits, but only when you reach a high rank in the game’s hierarchy. To climb the ladders faster, you can buy LoL account that has a high rank, e.g. platinum or more.

Call of Duty – Together with Counter Strike, COD is an extremely popular first-person shooter, whose top-level players can earn hundreds of dollars a year just by playing this game.

Maybe it’s worth giving this career a shot? Even if you don’t succeed, you won’t spend anything apart from your time. And playing games is a fun way to spend your time!