Spielberg and Jackson wow Comic-Con

Steven Spielberg made his Comic-Con debut today when he arrived at the uber-geek fest in San Diego to promote his upcoming animated Tintin film and accept the coveted Inkpot Award.

Spielberg was joined on stage by Tintin producer Peter Jackson, who took a break from The Hobbit and flew in from New Zealand.

The famous director told the awed crowd George Lucas may be his best friend, but Jackson was like a sibling.

”From the beginning of the screenplay process, to the approval of all the shots ongoing right now. This has been such a wonderful treat for me. Its like working with your brother. It’s very, very easy.”

Spielberg also confirmed that a fourth Jurassic Park film was likely only a few years away, as he already has a story and screenwriter for the project.

“I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for you,” Spielberg said as he accepted his Inkpot. “I feel like I should be out there in the audience with you and not up here. We’re all in the same world together.”

Meanwhile, Peter Jackson assured eager Comic-Con attendees that filming of The Hobbit remained on track.

“The Hobbit? What’s that again? It’s great. Has anybody seen the latest blog? I’m having a hell of a time. The delightful thing is I’m enjoying it way, way more than I ever thought I would.

“We’re having a blast. It’s an interesting way to make a movie like that. We resume shooting in three weeks time, we’ve got about 200 (days) to go… So almost there.”

Tintin is slated for a 2011 holiday release, while the first of the two Hobbit movies should hit theaters around the 2012 holiday season. 

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