Woman acquires British accent after routine dental surgery

Woman acquires British accent after routine dental surgery

A woman from Toledo, Oregon has developed a peculiar accent after undergoing routine dental surgery. 

According to ABC News, Karen Butler, aged 56, now speaks with a British-like accent, along with a slight Transylvanian inflection.

Woman acquires British accent after routine dental surgery

"I had just had surgery, so at first we assumed it was because of all of the swelling," Butler said.

"But within a week the swelling went down and the accent stayed."
Dr. Ted Lowenkopf, a neurologist and medical director at Providence Stroke Center in Portland, Oregon, confirmed Butler was suffering from the foreign accent syndrome, a very rare condition involving alteration in speech production.

This condition usually occurs as a side-effect of brain injury (for example minor stroke or head trauma) in the area of the brain responsible for language production and tone.
"Although we think it sounds like a British accent, if you had a language expert listening to her, they would say that's not an English accent," Lowenkopf explained.

"It's sort of an amalgam of different-sounding speech that sounds like a foreign accent. But it's not truly typical of any one foreign accent."
Fortunately, the condition does not hinder Butler in her daily life.

The 56-year-old says she used to be extremely shy but the new accent has helped improve her social skills - because she can always find something to talk about when meeting new people.

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