10 low-cost ideas for setting up part-time businesses

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These models are ideal for young people who do not have much capital, but have the time and desire to undertake.

1. Dog Walks

For those who have pets, living with them and taking care of them is of the utmost importance, even if you do not always have time for it. Hence the idea of

offering professional services of walking, training, visits the veterinarian, bathing and pet care at home. The objective is to feed, walk and take care of the dog when the owner is absent. And for the most demanding, it includes the organization of birthday celebrations and photo sessions.

2. Mobile Kermes

Install skill games such as marbles, fishing, hoops or darts, and also food (hamburgers, hot dogs, potatoes and chopped fruit). With the help of animators, it organizes competitions and rewards the winners. Do not forget the music. In case freight is required, separate it. Offer your services to animate birthdays or corporate events, whether in a park, house or garden.

3. Photo booth for events

Installation of detachable booths of snapshots at social or corporate parties. Includes hats, lenses, necklaces, feather boas and other props for more originality and fun. Complement the offer by delivering all the photos on a CD and even upload them to Facebook so that attendees can interact with them. If any attendees want customized merchandise such as T-shirts, posters or a photo on phone case. Be ready to print and sell it to them as an add-on.

4. Online directory

Simplify the navigation of Internet users with a website that classifies the five best businesses by state or city. Divide them into several categories such as restaurants, florists, travel agencies, hotels, mechanical workshops and everything you can think of. Additionally, it offers companies positioning in the best search engines, advertising, promotions and campaigns in social networks to increase their sales.

5. Historical tours

Organize thematic visits, walks on foot or by bicycle through tourist sites, night tours performed by historical figures and tours of myths and legends in colonial cities. The key to success lies in the knowledge of history you have, so train yourself as a certified guide by the Ministry of Tourism. Include food and look for lodging and transportation partnerships in case your clients require it.

6. Entertainment vending machine

It works like any vending machine but offers the purchase of movies, television series and music files. After paying – with a credit card or cash – the customer inserts a storage device (SD card or USB cable) to download the content and be able to enjoy it immediately. Ensure the success of your business by locating the machine in places such as entertainment stores, airports, bars and restaurants.

7. Marketing of watches (with cause)

It promotes social responsibility through the sale of modern and design watches that allocate a percentage of their value to institutions. The colour of each watch corresponds to a cause, for example, green for ecology and white for peace. To diversify the offer, including bracelets for the same purpose.

Total investment: $ 17,500 (minimum purchase of 70 watches, including training and exclusivity per state).

8. Drink service for events

By means of mobile bars in trolleys, guests of parties and social events are offered all kinds of cocktails in tequila glasses. Try to have a wide variety of distillates and mixers to offer popular combinations such as “screwdrivers” and “vampires” and even, prepare your own creations as added value.

9. Personal defence classes

With the increase in insecurity, more people are interested in learning protection techniques against an assault. Therefore, giving self-defence classes is a good business opportunity. Train yourself or hire an expert in Krav Maga, an Israeli survival system that serves to attack and deflect aggression. Your customers can be children or adults, government agencies and companies.

10. Driving school

If you are an excellent driver, prepare others so that they are too. Your clients include teenagers and adults who do not know how to drive. Go to your home for sessions of one hour a day and includes theoretical classes, mechanics tips and traffic regulations. Use your car but if the person has his own, it is convenient to teach him. Do not forget to take out car insurance.