Logitech launches keyboard with integrated display

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Logitech launches keyboard with integrated display

Logitech today launched a new cordless keyboard that can display various information pieces through a display that is integrated into the casing of the device. According to the company, the LCD screen can display e-mail and instant message (IM) notifications, playlists and Internet radio stations. Logitech believes that the screen can “alleviate visual clutter that would ordinarily be displayed on the computer monitor,” which includes status of caps lock and F lock keys, as well as volume levels.

According to the manufacturer the MX 5000 keyboard also can turn a PC into a Bluetooth wireless hub, as it supports Bluetooth 2.0 EDR wireless technology. As you may imagine, the extra equipment isn’t free and commands a premium over typical keyboards. Logitech said the MX5000 will be available in October for about $150. (THG)