Olympus launches world’s smallest 7.1 megapixel, digital camera

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Olympus launches world's smallest 7.1 megapixel, digital camera

Olympus has launched what it claims is the world’s smallest consumer digital camera with a resolution of 7.1 megapixel and a 5x optical zoom. The C-7000 measures about 4 inches by 2.3 inches by x 1.7 inches and weighs 7.7 ounces. The features of the camera include an Autofocus (AF) Target Selection function allows users to choose from 143 different AF target zones, enabling users enabling them to focus on virtually any area of their composition without reframing the shot. The manual focusing function makes it possible to focus accurately and override autofocus. A 2.0″ LCD on the back of the casing offers a resolution of approximately 206,000 pixels.

Other functions include interval shooting, RAW data capability, movie recording in VGA resolution and panorama photography. The C-7000 Zoom will be available beginning October 2004. Suggested retail pricing is about $600.

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