Briefly noted: HD video camera by Panasonic

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Briefly noted: HD video camera by Panasonic

If you’re looking for a semi-professional HD camera, have a look at this Panasonic AG-HVX200. This small device is capable of recording videos in 1080i or 720i and up to 60fps. the videos are not stored on a DV but on a memory card named P2, that is capable of storing 8 minutes of video in 1080i at 60 fps on 8 GByte or 32 minutes on 50 GByte. This model will apparently not be sold in Japan but it will be available in the USA for less than $6000. You can also use your old DV tapes and even SD cards in this camera.

If the AG-HVX200 seems a bit too “light”, you can consider this “ultimate cameraman version”, the AJ-SPC700. In terms of specs, it’s identical to the AG-HVX200 when it comes to the HD, but it can withstand shocks, vibrations, high temperatures and humidity. This model has a 520000 pixel 3CCD chip, but getting this one might cost you an arm and a leg, just under $13,000.


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