Samsung launches pocket photo printers in Japan

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Samsung launches pocket photo printers in Japan

The number of digital cameras on the market increases relentlessly, and the owners are not all IT-savvy. So how can you quickly print a picture taken with a digital camera without using a PC? A lot of manufacturers have marketed printers capable of accepting memory cards straight out of the digital camera, but that was not really a very unteresting solution. For almost a year now, a new generation of printers specifically designed for this purpose has emerged, with more compact and autonomous models, like this SPP-2040/2020 by Samsung.

It’s not only autonomous (no need for a PC), but also compact and accepts a wide variety of memory cards. It prints your precious pictures using a very interesting printing technology called D2T2 “Dye Diffusion Thermal Transfer”. The advantage of this technology is ist improved print quality at a speed of 15 to 50 seconds per picture, depending on the dimensions.