Kodak digital cameras blend picture and video capability

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Kodak digital cameras blend picture and video capability

Kodak updated its product line-up of point-and-shoot cameras with the Easyshare V550 and V530 models. Both cameras are smaller than a deck of cards and blend video and picture capability: According to Kodak, MPEG4 videos with a resolution of 640×480 pixels can be automatically turned into stop-action still pictures for printing and sharing.

Both the V550 and V530 cameras are equipped with 5 megapixel resolution and include Kodak’s Photo Frame Dock 2 that allows picture transfer to a connected computer while keeping the cameras’ high-capacity battery charged.

The V550 is priced at $400 while the V530 lists for $350. The $50 premium buys a higher quality 3x optical zoom lens as well as a 2.5″ LCD compared to a 2″ that is integrated in the V530. (THG)

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