Rollei announces high-end 35mm/digital SLR camera

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Rollei announces high-end 35mm/digital SLR camera

Rollei has begun shipping its high-end 6×6 medium format SLR camera 6008 AF that doubles as 35mm and digital camera. The device is offered in a bundle with digital back, editing software, and a professional lens. The interchangeable film packs allow a photographer to shoot film, Polaroid-type shots as well as digital shots.

The db20p digital back has resolution of 16 megapixels, 16 bits per RGB or CMYK color, and offers the option of saving RAW files in addition to TIFF and JPEG files. Depending on the chosen file format, digital images are stored on CompactFlash cards in file sizes between 48 and 128 MByte per picture.

Since the camera uses “performance” rechargeable batteries that provide 250 shots and 45 frames per minute without AC power, the unit handles studio or location shoots, the manufacturer said. Lenses from Schneider-Kreuznach and Carl Zeiss are included in the bundle.

The convenience of having a professional 35 mm and digital SLR in one package does not come cheap. Rollei wants about $15,000 for the camera bundle. (THG)