Nero supports multiple recording sessions for DL DVD-Rs

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Nero supports multiple recording sessions for DL DVD-Rs

Ahead Software said its packages Nero Burning ROM and Nero Express now support layer-lump recording (LJR) of dual-layer DVD-R media. The technology enables multi-session burning, offers improved read compatibility and a memory capacity of up to 8.5 GByte, according to the developer.

Layer-jump recording (LJR) allows users to add data to a medium over several burning sessions, with the sessions appearing in the sequential order in which they were originally recorded. Both Nero and the burner firmware previously only supported disc-at-once (DAO) mode, meaning data could be written to a DVD-R only one time.

Unlike dual-layer recording, in which data is first written to one layer and then to the other, layer-jump recording alternates between both layers during the burning process, thereby evenly distributing the data between both layers, Ahead said. The written area of both layers expands evenly outwards with each burning session.

An update for Nero will be available by mid-June, according to the company. (THG)