Motorola, Oakley debut Bluetooth sunglasses

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Motorola, Oakley debut Bluetooth sunglasses

Oakley continues to create trendy products for tech enthusiasts. Following sunglasses with integrated MP3 player and headphones, the company now announced sunglasses that are similar in design but can be used as headset for Bluetooth-enabled cellphones. The device, named Razrwire, is the first product that results from Oakley’s collaboration with Motorola that was announced in January of this year.

According to the manufacturer, Bluetooth standards 1.1 and 1.2 are supported. Controls of the headset include two volume buttons and a single button used to handle incoming and outgoing calls. Range is estimated at about 30 feet. The battery capacity offers continuous talk time of about five hours and standby time of up to approximately 100 hours, Oakley said.

The sunglasses are made from a proprietary material that is about 40 percent lighter that titanium, according to the manufacturer. The lenses are capable of filtering out 100 percent of UV and blue light.

Trendy products never come cheap and so its no surprise that Oakley’s latest “Eyewear” is the most expensive Bluetooth headset on the market. Offered through online stores of Motorola and Oakley as well as retail locations of Cingular in August, the Razrwire will cost $295. Now if we only could have sunglasses, MP3 player and Bluetooth. (THG)