Phone Number Search

How to Find a Person Using a Phone Number Search

Google is not the only way if you want to search someone online. People now have a number of search engines to carry out this task. There are now even more ways to track down a person’s information employing different methods.

A phone number search is one way to find a person and his information. A phone number can give you further access to information like address, name and business information. Nevertheless, here are some ways phone number search can help you find a person:


TrueCaller is undoubtedly the most popular way in which phone number can be used to find a person’s contact information. It adopts reverse phone lookup mechanism to give access to information. If you receive a call from an unknown number, this is an ideal way to trace the owner of that mobile number. You just have to sign in with your Gmail account. The TrueCaller database is massive with over 50,000,000 contact details. Since it is free to use, you can utilize this application to find a person just by his phone number.


Google is an amazing way to find someone’s phone number. This phone number search can then allow you to find further information. Google can be used to find out residential and business phone numbers. However, you can also type in phone numbers to find further information. It is a never-ending database where you can acquire access to a huge chunk of information.

Online platforms

There are several platforms and directories on the Internet that can provide you information through phone number searches. All you have to do is type in the phone number and get the relevant information. However, many websites charge for this. It is recommendable not to pay them since not all of them are reliable. They may even provide you the wrong information. This is why you should do proper research before paying for any of these services.

Social networking sites

Some social networking sites allows you to plug in the cell phone number and find their profiles. From the profiles you can fetch out desired information. There are millions of people on the social networking websites that include phone numbers. It is a great source to track people and in fact has proved to be effective. You can use Facebook to find cell phone numbers and potentially a lot of other information as well.

Offline methods

Searching someone’s information through mobile phone number is not only possible through online means. You can even complain to cyber-crime regulations to investigate into the number you are looking for. They might give you information regarding the anonymous caller. There are local directories as well with a huge chunk of information. You can check out the numbers and information associated with it. Nevertheless, this method can be relatively expensive to other methods since there is a monetary charge attached with it. So consider it as your last option.